Aliens Exist

They are already here? (extraterrestrial life ...

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People will not believe that other forms of life exist until one is filmed on national television.  Out of the general population, a handful actually believes that other forms of life exist on other planets, or in the universe.  There has been confirmation that alien life exists from NASA and some government agencies, but it is not the proof the majority is waiting for.  The majority wants to see one actually moving about, performing daily activities, and truly eating some sort of food source.  Historical proof has been submitted repeatedly from legitimate sources, but speculation runs rampant with people of the world.

Even though NASA and some government agencies have proclaimed aliens exist, the military and majority of the government officials say they do not.  More experts that worked with various projects have come forward with chilling stories of what our government is trying to do, and so far, have been successful at doing.  Government documents have been submitted by these experts, and still the majority of people disbelieve.

Submission of overwhelming proof has been presented from excavations, artifacts discovered, and hieroglyphics depicting their visitation at one time during ancient history.  There is absolutely no way the Nazca Lines in Peru, could have been placed in such a specific way unless someone was positioned above earth to give instructions.  I doubt that the Indians of that location were intelligent enough to design and inscribe them so precisely.  They are placed in such a geographical manner for a purpose, what purpose?

It has been proven that the Mayan’s and the Egyptians were very knowledgeable, with above average intelligence.  However, today, people of the world have even more technology, with super genius intelligence, and it has been stated that it would be extremely difficult for anyone to construct the great pyramids.  There is no evidence of such a lifting device it would take to place stones of massive tons in place at such heights.  How were they placed?  Who or what placed them.

Throughout the years skulls of humanoid like creatures have been unearthed.  The skulls were not shaped like ancient man, they actually had very high foreheads and some with elongated heads.  Skeletons from ancient creatures like the Ichthyosaurus, Megalosaurus, and Brontosaurus have been discovered, and it is easy for people to believe they existed.  Unearthing full skeletons of a race of humanoid creatures, twelve to fourteen feet tall, some taller than that, looking nothing like any earlier humans found, everyone believes they were manufactured.  There was nothing that large on earth, especially not in a somewhat human form.  There is Goliath, the giant that battled David, a story documented from the Bible.  Could he have been alien also?


It is a bit arrogant to believe that we are the only inhabitants on a planet within the universe.  It is a proven fact that life can form in the most inhospitable, unforgiving places, and survive.  Theirs is no doubt in my mind that somewhere in the vast universe, there is other life, and we will surely one day meet them.  The findings of large skeletons with elongated skulls, along side with some large ones, there has been found small ones that were children should be proof enough they exist.  Skeletons have been found in Peru, Mexico, Egypt, Easter Island, Brazil, Russia, and the Antarctic.  To be told in school that the great pyramid was constructed to bury a pharaoh and it took 40 years and thousands upon thousands of slaves to build is a bit farfetched.


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I live in a small town in the mid-south, and enjoy every waking moment of it. I spent most of my life in a large city; which was interesting to say the least. I'm also an admirer of the cosmos, it has intrigued me from a very early age. Since I learned of a government cover-up, I've involved myself deeply in research to uncover the facts for myself.
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