Da Nang Vietnam

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These accounts are by the fighter for the truth himself; Mr. William Cooper.  This story is in his own words verbatim.  Misprints, language, as well as typo’s, are exactly as they appeared in his story.

He went from being like many of us, hearing and disbelieving, to questioning.  Until one day experiencing  encounters that changed his life.  A life that one day would end his existence on earth.

“For those of you who don’t know who I am, I was raised in a military family.  My family, my ancestors, since they came to this country, have been government people.  We have served in the military, we have been patriots, we have fought in all the wars, we care about this country and believe in the constitution of the United States.  We know, as many people don’t know, that the Constitution of the United States of America IS the United States of America!  And that’s why we’ve always been ready… to do the things needed… to preserve and protect it.”

“When I left home I went into the Air Force, the Strategic Air Command. As a child I’d heard stories from my father and pilots, other pilots, my father was a pilot, about Foo Fighters, UFO’s, strange craft that were not made on this Earth. And as a kid, you hear that in passing, and it’s neat, and you giggle about it, and you go out and play “Space Man”, and you forget it.”

“When I was in the Air Force I met men who had participated in alien crashed-craft recoveries.  Now this intrigued me, it interested me, but it was usually after quite a few bottles of beer that these stories would come out, and sometimes the next morning I couldn’t remember what the heck the guy said.”

“When I left the Air Force I went into the Navy, and this is where everything began to happen for me.  I had originally intended to just go from service to service and do something that very few people have ever done before.  I was a very adventurous, very crazy… young man, and I thought that would be a pretty exciting life.  I volunteered for submarines, and while on the submarine U.S.S. Tyroot, SS-416, on a transit between the Portland/Seattle area and Pearl Harbor, which was our home port; the Pearl Harbor sub base, as the port lookout I saw a craft, saucer-shaped, the size of a Midway class carrier, aircraft carrier, for those of you who don’t know how big that is; it’s huge, come up out of the water approximately 2 1/2 nautical miles off the port bow, which is about 45 degrees to the left of the pointy end of the submarine. It tumbled slowly on its own axis, and went up into the clouds.  It appeared to be moving slowly to me at a distance of 2 1/2 nautical miles, but in reality it was moving pretty fast because it came up out of the water, did a few tumbles and it was gone!”

“I then reported it to the officer of the deck.  I didn’t tell him what it was that I saw because my Daddy didn’t raise no fools and in case nobody else saw it I didn’t want to be the only loony onboard the ship.  So I asked the officer of the deck to help me cover that area, and he did, which is common for officers and lookouts to help each other while on bridge watch because they all hang together if something bad happens.  After a few seconds of watching, the same craft, or another craft exactly like it, came down out of the clouds, tumbled again on its own axis, and went into the water.  Ensign Ball, who was the officer of the deck, was literally shocked! What could I say?

Seaman Dejeralimo, who was the starboard lookout, had also witnessed this, and ensign Ball called the captain to the bridge who was followed by the chief quartermaster who brought a 35MM camera, and we watched for between 7 and 10 minutes the same craft, or different craft that looked exactly alike, enter and leave the water. It was an incredible show.  I don’t know if they knew we were there, or if they even cared, but the craft did not glow, they were metal, they were machines without a doubt, they were obviously intelligently guided, they were HUGE, and having been in the Air Force and the Navy and knowing what it takes, I knew without a doubt, and know it today, that that machine was not made on the face of this Earth.  Because there’s nothing that man can make, that can fly through the air at a speed like that, tumble on its own axis, and enter the water and effectively fly beneath the sea.”

“If you’ve ever been aboard an airplane and then gone aboard a submarine, I know there’s probably some of you in this room who have visited a submarine at one time or another, you can readily see just without even any of the technicalities involved how difficult such a thing would be to do.  Where would it be built, that size? It was absolutely incredible.  It changed my life because then all the stories that I’d heard all my life I knew were true, and I began seeing the world in a different light.”

“It wasn’t long after that I was trained by Naval security in intelligence.  I was sent to Vietnam.  I was assigned as a patrol boat captain, first in DaNang harbor, given a crew, given a multi-million dollar patrol boat.  My job was to gather intelligence from the people who lived around the harbor and the fishermen who transited the harbor, and maintain the safety and security of the harbor and the shipping.  After about 5-months I was sent up North to the DMZ, to a place called Qua Vieaf [sp], on the Tacan [sp] river.  Our base camp was at the river mouth.  We were only 3-miles South of the North Vietnamese border and our job was to patrol the Tacan river from the river mouth to Dang Ha [sp], and then up the Quang Tree [sp] cutoff to Quang Tree city, again to get to know the people on the bank, gather intelligence, and to patrol every night and maintain the safety and security of the river and the river traffic.”

“It was while there that I discovered that there was a tremendous amount of UFO and alien activity in Vietnam.  It was always reported in official messages as `enemy helicopters.’  Now any of you who know anything about the Vietnam war know that the North Vietnamese did not have any helicopters, especially after our first couple of air raids into North Vietnam.  Even if they had they would not have been so foolish as to bring them over the DMZ because that would have insured their demise.  Our troops were fired on occasionally by these `enemy helicopters,’ enemy troops were fired on occasionally by these `enemy helicopters,’ and occasionally people would disappear.

And on one instance that I know for sure at least one entire village disappeared one night due to alien activity.  The reason they used the term `enemy helicopters’ in messages and dispatches was that in Vietnam you could be overrun at any time, no matter where you where.  They did not bring crypto encoding equipment into Vietnam, I’m talking about the machinery.  What we did is we had crypto tables, and once we every 24-hours those codes would be no good.  So that’s what we used. We also, because of the inability to use crypto transmitting equipment, had to devise code words such as `enemy helicopters.'”

Being in Viet Nam myself during the years of 1969 and 1970, there were a lot of strange things that occurred, but we never questioned any of them.  I personally never saw any unidentified flying object during that time, but a couple of comrades disappeared without a trace, leaving only a boot or a piece of clothing.  No blood, no marks of any kind of struggle from where their last post was located.  We figured “Charlie” was playing with our heads.

Keep checking back, part-2 will be coming soon.

Jim Miller


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